Journal of YOU–The Book!

WHO ARE YOU REALLY? What is your life purpose? Who were your heroes growing up? What are your politics? Do Black lives matter to you? What would you say in a letter to your future self? Who is God to you? What songs belong on the soundtrack of your life? What is your biggest dream? What are your favorite memories of your parents? What will you regret? The answers to these questions and many others like them will definitely help you to know yourself better, but they just might also be the key to your Happiness. In Journal of YOU: Uncovering the Beauty That Is Your Truth, you will be led on a journey of discovery through your heart and mind. Through the author’s deeply personal letters to the reader, the philosophical and emotional intricacies of each topic will be explored and challenged. Each letter closes with a series of powerful, probing questions designed to “stir the pot” inside the reader in hopes of inspiring a journal entry. In turns an uplifting self-help manual, touching memoir, scathing political essay, humorous travel diary, and inspirational challenge, Journal of YOU is constantly thought-provoking and engaging on all levels. It is a book whose challenge you must rise to on every page.

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