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I am William Rutten.  I wrote my first journal entry 24 years ago.  Three years later, at the wise old age of 24, the practice became a daily part of my world.  More than 50 volumes have been filled in the ensuing years. In 2017, I published my first book, Journal of YOU: Uncovering the Beauty That Is Your Truth.   When not writing, I am chasing my two amazing offspring around and soaking up every moment of their fast-flying lives.  It is my mission to help people know themselves better in the service of living happier, more fulfilled lives; I hope that my writing reflects that.  I am a happy man.

4 thoughts on “About William

  1. Brent Billehus

    Thanks for doing this, William. I am at a difficult time in my life and your blog helps me see a little bit clearer.

    1. William Rutten Post author

      I am glad I can help, Brent. That is probably the biggest thing journaling has brought me over the years–clarity–so I am glad I can pay it forward. Keep taking one day at a time. Remember: this is only a moment; it’s not forever. You will come out the other end a stronger and more compassionate person. Be well.

  2. Teena Kerr

    Thank you William.
    I am always reading self help books, I need positivity in my life each day! That is my happiness! Your journal I read today was amazing.
    Since I have met you, my thought is , ‘ wow he’s always happy and patient with everyone’ !
    I am going to order your book!
    We need more happiness in our days and we can always do better.

    Thank you

    1. William Rutten Post author

      Thank you, Teena, for reading and for the kind words. Happiness, Positivity, Improvement–those are all jobs for every day of our lives. I applaud you for taking on the challenge; it is no doubt a worthy endeavor. I hope you will enjoy and be both challenged and enriched by my book. Go and share your beautiful light with your world! –William


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